Three Types Of Door Openers That Are ADA-Approved

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, requires that all public establishments have doors that swing open for customers and employees with physical challenges. As long as the door opens away from the person who is trying to enter or exit, the door is an acceptable option. What you may not know is that you have three separate options for ADA swing door compliance. The Pressure Mat In this type of swing door, the weight of a person and a wheelchair or walker on the rubber mats in front of the doors causes the door to swing open. [Read More]

Protecting Your Garage From Burglars With A Sliding Door

A growing number of home garages are being targeted by opportunistic burglars. Sadly, few people really understand this problem and rarely take security measures to counter it. Thankfully, it is possible to install a sliding door and decrease this theft risk. Burglaries Are Very Common One troubling reality that impacts many people across the nation is the increase in burglaries that have been popping up. It is estimated that a burglary occurs somewhere in the nation once every 15 seconds. [Read More]

Storm Panels Protect And Shade Residential Windows And Doors

Storm panels attach to residential exterior walls around windows and doors to protect them when high winds and blowing debris is expected. There are many designs and styles of storm panels that can be quickly moved into place when needed. Storm panels are available in various materials, such as corrugated steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, wood, and even heavy fabric. Here are some different styles of storm panels that you can consider installing on your residence: [Read More]

Tips For Installing Vinyl Siding On Your Kid's New Backyard Playhouse

If you have decided to surprise your kids this summer by building them a cool playhouse in your backyard, then it is a nice touch to install the same vinyl siding that is on the exterior of your family's home. Not only will the playhouse blend in with the look of your home, but the vinyl siding will also require very little care and maintenance each year to keep it looking fabulous for decades. [Read More]