Protecting Your Garage From Burglars With A Sliding Door

A growing number of home garages are being targeted by opportunistic burglars. Sadly, few people really understand this problem and rarely take security measures to counter it. Thankfully, it is possible to install a sliding door and decrease this theft risk.

Burglaries Are Very Common

One troubling reality that impacts many people across the nation is the increase in burglaries that have been popping up. It is estimated that a burglary occurs somewhere in the nation once every 15 seconds. That is four burglarized homes every minute, 240 every hour, and 5,760 every hour. Those kind of statistics showcase a huge problem that can even affect a person's unprotected garage.

Garages Are Often Targeted

What may surprise many people is that garages are often targeted by professional burglars. There are a few reasons for this problem. First of all, people rarely take the time to add high-quality security measures to their garage. As a result, it is is often easier for burglars to get inside of it than it is inside of a person's home.

Even more tempting is the fact that garages are often filled with many great items. Inside, you probably have all of your tools, a lawn mower, and other lawn-care items. Thieves love these items because they are easy to sell, hard to track, and always in high-demand. That's why homeowners should consider installing a sliding door in their garage.

Sliding Doors Are More Secure

Those who are worried about a break-in at their garage should consider getting a high-quality sliding door. These doors literally slide back and forth in the mouth of the garage and protect your belongings in a secure way. Experts state that the running tracks of these garages make them not only more secure but easier to operate. As a result, this makes them a great security option.

Even better, they are very adaptable when being fitted. Unlike other doors, they can be fitted on the inside or the outside of the garage. This adds increased security by allowing you to install the doors inside of the mouth of the garage and making it more difficult for burglars to get at the mechanism. Even more proof that these doors are a great security benefit.

So those who are considering protecting their garages with great doors need to take the first step by talking to a professional installer, such as Affina Door, about opting for a sliding garage door. They will work hard to identify a great sliding door for your garage and install it in a simple and effective way.