Are Automatic Doors Cost-Effective?

Cost is an important consideration when making any additions or modifications to a building. This is no different when you're thinking about installing an automatic door in your building. Automatic doors cost significantly more than your regular swinging doors.

The cost of keeping them in good working condition is also higher due to the electrical and mechanical parts. It's only natural that many business owners will ask if they're worth the hassle. As many business owners will attest to, there are many ways that automatic door installation and repair pays for itself.

The Appeal to the Older Demographic

When your business is located near retirement communities or areas with a high population of elderly people, having automatic doors can provide a major competitive age. Regular swinging doors are more difficult to use than able-bodied young people realize. Reaching for a door handle while also holding on to a walker is far from easy.

For the elderly and other people who find swinging doors a hassle to use, installing automatic doors in your business is an act of kindness.

Cost-Effective ADA Compliance

Compared to other architectural changes that you'd have to make to comply with the ADA, adding an automatic door is a lot cheaper. Since businesses are required to comply with these guidelines, the cost of adding an automatic door will be a lot cheaper than any fines you may receive.

Energy Savings

One of the most difficult things to do in a business is to keep energy costs low. When you have customers constantly walking in and out, you'll have heat escaping through the door in winter, or cool air in summer. Manual doors make this problem worse when they stay open. Automatic doors that open and close as required can save you a lot of money in your energy bill. This is one way that automatic doors can pay for themselves over the years.

Customer Appeal

Automatic doors can play an important role in attracting new customers to your business. Image is important to a business, and an automatic door can give customers the impression that your business is a step above the competition. With time, this idea planted in people's heads can attract a lot of new business.

Save on Space

In most business, space costs money. Depending on your location, even the cost need for a swinging door may be more than you can afford. An automatic door will allow you to have a door without losing any space.

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