5 Types Of Crown Molding Materials To Use In Your Home

Crown molding provides an easy way to make your home look classier and more elegant. Crown molding can elevate the appearance of your home. When it comes to installing the crown molding in your home, there are various materials you can use to enhance the look of your home.

Crown Molding Material #1: Polystyrene

If you are looking for some crown molding you can quickly install at an affordable price, polystyrene is a great choice. Polystyrene molding is very thin and is designed to be easily cut and applied to the wall using some adhesive. This type of molding is designed to be easily and affordably installed. Despite being so easy to install, polystyrene molding often looks very detailed.

Crown Molding Material #2: PVC

PVC molding is made from plastic polymers. PVC molding is often used in rooms where moisture is present because it can't get warped at all. PVC molding comes in offers a variety of design options, so you can customize and choose the look of the molding, although the designs are usually not that detailed. PVC molding can be painted but is not that easy to paint.

Crown Molding Material #3: Medium-Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard molding, often called MDF, is an affordable substitute for solid wood molding. MDF molding is made from fiberboard, which is a more affordable material than solid wood. However, MDF molding often has a wood veneer. The wood veneer also makes the material easy for you to stain, if you want a natural wood look, or you can paint it.

Crown Molding Material #4: Plaster

Plaster is a very popular crown molding material because plaster can be cast into various shapes. When you see elaborate and very detailed crown molding designs, there is a good chance that the molding is made from plaster. Plaster molding is often used in luxury and high-end homes. It can be custom ordered and is one of the most expensive types of molding. You have to take careful care of plaster molding, as it can crack.

Crown Molding Material #5: Solid Wood

Finally, there is solid wood crown molding. Solid wood and plaster are the two most expensive types of molding. With solid wood molding, you can get a simple design or you can order custom wood molding with a more intricate design. Wood molding adds warmth to your home. With wood molding, you need to keep the humidity in your home balanced and you need to keep the wood sealed and protected.

If you want to elevate the appearance of your home, crown molding is a great way to do so. There are different types of crown molding material at every price point, allowing anyone to add crown molding details to their home.

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