Troubleshooting Most Frequent Noise Issues With Overhead Door Openers

The overhead doors that you have in your business will definitely be one of the most valuable functional components. Even though these heavy industrial doors are designed to work well for years without a lot of problems, the same cannot often be said for the electronic openers that make these doors functional. If you start having issues with your overhead door opener, the problem will likely first come across as specific noises. To understand when your opener needs professional repair and attention, it is a good idea to get to know some of the more common noises and what they could mean. 

Deep Grinding and Grumbling - The low and deep sound of a grumbling overhead door opener can definitely sound some alarms that should tell you something is wrong. The openers that power these heavy doors are chain and gear driven. If you are hearing grinds and grumbles, it could be a couple of things. You either have a broken gear that is causing the chain to slip off track, or you have a chain that is bent or warped in a way that is rubbing against the cogs of the gears inside of the motor. Along with these noises, you will likely start to notice that your door lags when it opens and closes, possibly even stalling completely at times. 

High-Pitched Squealing and Squeaks - If you are lucky, the high-pitched squeaking and squealing sounds you hear will only mean that the tracks and guides of the door need lubrication. However, if the noises you hear are radiating from the motor, it is a much more serious issue. It is likely that the tension chain is scraping against the inner walls of the main motor housing, which is never a good thing. Your chain will have to be replaced and the tension reset by a professional. 

Low-Toned Knocking or Tapping - It is common to hear slight tapping noises with an overhead door opener when it is in operation. Yet if the noises start to get more pronounced, there is something happening that shouldn't be, and it is likely that some of the hardware has loosened inside of the motor housing. This allows the gears to wobble and shake, knocking against other components during operation. Even though a simple fix, it is a good idea to get a professional to come out and take a look to find out why the hardware is shaking loose in the first place. 

When your overhead door opener is trying to tell you something, it should definitely give you a hint that you better pay attention. If the overhead door openers in your business building are starting to get vocal about problems, talk to a professional technician for more information. 

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