Tips For Installing Vinyl Siding On Your Kid's New Backyard Playhouse

If you have decided to surprise your kids this summer by building them a cool playhouse in your backyard, then it is a nice touch to install the same vinyl siding that is on the exterior of your family's home. Not only will the playhouse blend in with the look of your home, but the vinyl siding will also require very little care and maintenance each year to keep it looking fabulous for decades.

What follows are some tips to help you install the vinyl siding on your kid's new playhouse like a professional contractor:

Use Tools Specifically Designed for Vinyl

One of the biggest mistakes that many DIYers often make when working with vinyl siding for the first time is to try to cut it with woodworking or metalworking tools that they already own. Cutting and punching holes in vinyl siding requires that you use a special vinyl-rated saw blade and a vinyl punch tool. Trying to use inappropriate tools will just waste your time and make you frustrated.

Use a Contractor's Level for Each Strip Installed

Even though your kid's playhouse is a small structure, you still need to use a level for each siding strip that you install. Rather than struggling with a small level, use a larger contractor's level to easily see that each strip you are installing is perfectly level.

Use a Wide Starter Strip

Since your children's new playhouse will come into contact with the elements, using a wide-style starter strip is advised. Using a wide starter strip helps to prevent water from getting into the bottom of the playhouse's walls and allows you to hang the siding low to the ground for a professional look.

Install the Longest Strips of Siding First

It is always helpful if you install the longest strips of vinyl siding on each side of the playhouse first. This allows you to have a long area that is level. You can then come back and quickly cut and place the smaller strips and end coverings to finish up the job.

Put Flashing Around the Windows and Door

Finally, as you are applying the vinyl siding to your children's new backyard playhouse, don't forget to apply metal or vinyl flashing around each of the windows and the door. The purpose of the flashing is to divert any storm water away from the windows and door so that it will not leak inside of the structure. 

If you don't feel comfortable doing the siding yourself, Ecolife Home Improvement installs siding. Contact them for help with your playhouse or home.