Protecting Your Garage From Burglars With A Sliding Door

A growing number of home garages are being targeted by opportunistic burglars. Sadly, few people really understand this problem and rarely take security measures to counter it. Thankfully, it is possible to install a sliding door and decrease this theft risk. Burglaries Are Very Common One troubling reality that impacts many people across the nation is the increase in burglaries that have been popping up. It is estimated that a burglary occurs somewhere in the nation once every 15 seconds. [Read More]

Storm Panels Protect And Shade Residential Windows And Doors

Storm panels attach to residential exterior walls around windows and doors to protect them when high winds and blowing debris is expected. There are many designs and styles of storm panels that can be quickly moved into place when needed. Storm panels are available in various materials, such as corrugated steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, wood, and even heavy fabric. Here are some different styles of storm panels that you can consider installing on your residence: [Read More]